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The Art of Removals!

Often it is incorrectly assumed that the average removals guy is just somebody who humps and lifts stuff around. To all of you who think of removals as a bunch of guys who turn up and chuck your stuff in their van without consideration, read this and think again!
This is how it’s done at Lix…
We receive your enquiry and plan a home move survey with you to be sure we ascertain how best we can help you. The home move survey does a number of things, it gives us a chance to meet you and you to meet us so you know who you are trusting your removals to. We let you show us around your property and take notes on the items you are moving, the size of your property and subsequently what size removals truck you will need. We look at any special items that need careful handling and the type of access you have as well as details about where you are moving to. For International Removals we need to look at the type of packing you will need. For example, pallet and export packing is different from regular domestic packing. International removals requires a lot of work to get the logistics perfectly right. There are also items that require special customs clearance and items that are prohibited depending on where you are relocating.
Once we have gathered all the facts pertaining your move, we go away and do the sums for you to provide a sensible quotation for your removals. Once you have made the decision to book with us we confirm everything to you and keep in touch with you prior to your moving day. With your moving logistics planned for you we know what size vehicle you need, how many members of staff we need to supply for your move to be completed in a timely fashion and any other information that will help us to help your day run smoothly.
On moving day, our staff are briefed with all the details before arrival at your property. This enables us to work quickly and smoothly. There is usually a time frame for customers completing sales on properties. This means we need to get all our times right to allow you to vacate by the designated time (Usually Lunchtime).
Once your removals are underway, you will notice that our staff are split with some of us loading, some of us packing the trucks, depending on the type of removal we are undertaking.
Packing our trucks is very important as things have fit like a cleverly pieced jigsaw. There is an art to this and really it is by experience that we have learnt.
Once we have loaded your possessions and are ready to leave we ask you to check your property to make sure everything is on our trucks that you need moved. It’s kind of a last chance check for everyone just to make sure.
We then wait for you to either pick up keys or meet us at your new property where your unload will start. Your items are placed where you need them, furniture reassembled as needed and when the last box is off and you check our van and make sure all is correct, we leave you to enjoy your new home.
This is the Art of Removals at Lix!

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