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Avoid Nuisance & Noisy Neighbours When Moving

noisy neighbours

Avoid noisy and nuisance neighbours by doing your research before you move home.

There are many things to think about when choosing a new home. The house itself, the price, location and the local amenities are all huge points to consider before making an offer.

However, another important factor that should influence your buying decision is your new neighbours.

Think about how your much your neighbours can affect the quality of your life. Moving into a fantastic house in a good neighbourhood, with easily accessible transport links, and quality schools is important, but without knowing who you are moving next to, you cannot be sure that moving into your new dream home won’t turn into a nightmare situation.

Nuisance neighbours

Halifax reported that anti-social neighbours can shave up to £31,000 off the price of the average property. So before you exchange contracts it is a good idea to find out as much as possible about who you will be living next to.

Sellers are required to disclose details about the neighbours on a Sellers Property Information Form, so read through this thoroughly, and make sure you raise any questions or concerns, and press for further details if you feel that something isn’t quite right.

Sellers should also be happy to talk about their neighbours when you ask them, and if they are reluctant, this perhaps should raise warning flags as to why they don’t want to.

There is also no reason you can’t introduce yourself to your potential new neighbours before you seal the deal!

Friendly neighbours won’t mind chatting to you, and hopefully telling you all the great things about the area and how much they enjoy living there.

It will also give you a chance to ascertain how well they maintain their own property.

To be totally thorough, why not talk to a few people who live nearby? This will give you a more complete picture of the neighbourhood and sense of community in the area, which will help you make an informed decision. People living in the area will be sure to tell you about noisy neighbours, neighbour complaints or any other neighbour problems they have suffered.

Similarly, if the community is a peaceful and friendly one, this will become apparent when talking to the people that live there too.

Of course being best friends with your neighbours may not be important to you. But it is useful to note that even if you don’t communicate with your neighbours, there are things they can do which can potentially make your life difficult.

Building work, noise and disturbances

If your neighbours have plans to make changes to their own property, for example, this could not only cause you and your family annoyance in terms of noise and disruption, but their building work could adversely affect the value of your own home.

Similarly, if you have grand plans to renovate your own property, be aware that your neighbours can object to any extension plans you have, and if they do, the council can elect to refuse you the permission you need to go ahead.

These factors are all important to consider when putting your current property on the market too.

Neighbour disputes

If you have had disputes with your neighbours in the past, and these have escalated to the point where an official complaint has been made, you must declare this on your Sellers Property Information Form.

While you can refuse to fill this out, doing so will make it difficult to sell your home, as the buyers solicitors will more than likely advise them to back out of the sale. If you are untruthful on the form you could actually be sued by your buyers too!

Try to fix any disputes with neighbours before you put your property on the market, that way, even though you still must declare past disputes, you can assure your buyer that these are now resolved.

Friendly neighbours make all the difference

Having great neighbours, and being a good neighbour yourself brings with it a wealth of benefits. Not only does it make for a more pleasant living situation, good neighbours support and look out for one another meaning you can feel safe, happy and secure in your new home.

Neighbours who are pleased to talk about how much they love the neighbourhood, and what a wonderful place it is to live, are only going to help you when it comes to selling your property too, and will give assurance if you a buyer hoping to find a property in that area.

Good neighbours are also very handy if you need someone to keep an eye on your property, water the plants or look after beloved pets if you go away on holiday too!

Whether selling your house or moving into a new home, thinking of your neighbours is important. While, no matter how much you enquire, can you be 100% certain that your neighbours will be saints, getting some reassurance that they won’t cause you and your family upset will give you peace of mind. This means you can simply look forward to moving into your new dream home as quickly and smoothly as possible!

While we can’t guarantee the perfect neighbours, if you are moving into or from a property in the UK or overseas, and would like to make your move as stress-free as possible our professional, reliable and fantastic value removal service is here to help you. So get in touch with the Lix Removals team today!

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