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Bespoke Removals Packing and Unpacking Services

Can’t face packing up your possessions? We offer a made to order packing and unpacking service for all our clients moving home.


So, why not try our bespoke packing service?

We can offer you a bespoke packing service to take away the stress of packing all your belongings yourself. Our customers find our packing services really useful as their time is limited when getting ready for their moving day.

Call today on 01273 499051 to get your FREE estimate for our packing and unpacking services.

How much does our bespoke packing service cost?

The cost of packing up your home will depend on exactly how much you have to pack. Our packing service is a lot more affordable that customers often think.

We supply all the packing materials to make life easier. The extra benefits of having professionals pack your items mean they are transported safely and securely. Often it is difficult to know how to pack awkward items properly. We have a multitude of  materials at our disposal to pack almost any kind of object.

How does it work?

Using our Packing Service really is simple.

Simply book your removal date with us and we take care of everything else so you can focus on moving to your new home. We will facilitate when to come and pack for you, and make a time plan to have everything ready to go on your moving day. All your boxes will be labelled and organised for ease, big furniture is expertly wrapped with our state of the art quilted packing bags and covers.

We also offer a part packing service for those of you who need certain things expertly wrapped.

How about our unpacking service?

So you have found your dream home, paid for it, booked your removals, completed your purchase and now it’s the end of the moving day.

You are tired, maybe a bit unsettled, everything is in boxes and you can’t remember where the kettle is let alone the microwave or toaster.

If only someone would do all the unpacking for you?

We developed our unpacking service through requests from customers to help with their unpacking. So many of us concentrate on the actual moving day that we forget the actual moving in part which can prove to be exhausting.

So we tailor our unpacking service to suit you. We can unpack it all under your guidance, part of it, the big stuff you can’t lift or anything in between. Some of your unpacking can be done for you on moving day and we can always come back and make a fresh start the following day when you’ve had chance to unwind with a takeaway in our new neighbourhood. Our Standard removals service includes us placing your boxes and furniture in the rooms you require them, the unpacking service takes it one step further. We unpack those boxes, hang clothes and anything else you would require.

Call today on 01273 499051 to get your FREE estimate for our packing and unpacking services.

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