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Packing Planner

At LIX we know that moving home can be daunting, stressful and unsettling. We have compiled a short planner to help you in your move. Often our customers share their tips for a smooth move so feel free to email us if you think of a great tip to share.

1. Decide on your moving date, Book your LIX Removals and get it in your diary so you don’t have to worry.

2. Check your access, do you have stairs to and from the properties, notify us of any special access requirements.

3. Do you have pets? How will you transport them to their new home.

4. Walk through your home, room by room. Look at what you want to take and what you can leave, sell or recycle.

5. Make three lists, your packing list, selling list, recycling list.

6. Recycle and donate unneeded items where you can. This will de-clutter giving you a great excuse for a brand new start.

7. Pack up your property room by room.

8. Small items can be wrapped in cardboard boxes using newspaper/bubble wrap.

9. Leave a box open for items that you will still need to use.

10. Pack personal information and important papers in a small box you can keep with you.

11. Do something every day before you move- Most of us are strapped for time so plan ahead and tackle your move in small bites- you will soon be ready.

12. Change all utility bills and notify your bank/credit cards in advance. This way everything will be in place for when you move. Some companies take a couple of weeks to set things up for you so give them notice so they can book you in. (Particularly important for Digital TV/Broadband etc.)

On your moving day.

• Get an early night and set your alarm.

• Leave out drinks and snacks.

• Empty your fridge, clean and defrost.

• Finish any last minute boxes

• Take Meter Readings

• Hand in Keys

• Relax and let LIX take the strain- you’ve done your part!



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