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10 Frequently Asked Questions About Moving Home…


1. Which type of Removal Service shall I have and how do I book this?

At Lix Removals we offer 2 types of service, both services come with our bespoke Moving Coordinator package which means we are on hand to help you with any questions or concerns as well as keeping in touch with you regarding your moving date and logistical details.

“Owner Packed” means you take care of the packing yourself. We can provide you with packing materials and advise you on how to pack properly.

Our bespoke “Packing Service” is affordably priced to allow you to relax. We bring the packing materials appropriate to your needs and pack your whole home up ready to be loaded on our trucks. Easy, Stress Free for you and with the added bonus of items being professionally packed and labelled.

Our Packing service is really worth a look and may not be as expensive as you think. Bear in mind that when you pack yourself, you also need to budget for packing materials which can be quite pricey when you buy them at retail prices. Often boxes are in the region of £2-£4 per box. To book your removals with Lix, simply book a Home Move Survey by calling, text or email and we will pop round to provide you with a quotation. Once you accept out quote, let us know which date you would like to move and leave the rest to us!

2. How much will my Removals Cost?

A lot of factors make up your total removals cost. Here is a handy list to show you the way your quote will be measured. No two moves are the same so it’s often impossible and unfair to give ballpark figures. We prefer to work personally with you so you get the service you deserve at an affordable sensible price.

  1. (a) Geography: i.e.; where you live and what your access is like, do you have stairs or tricky access that will make loading and unloading longer? Do you have any Hazards or obstructions we need to address?
  2. (b) Time: How much time will your Home Removals take from start to finish?

(c)Staff and Vehicles: Number of Staff and Vehicles we need to book onto your move.

(d)Travel: We assess how far it is to your new home, how many miles and the cost of fuel to get there all go into the travel section.

(e)Service: Are we packing for you, if so your move will usually be completed over 2 days. The first day is to pack everything and the second your move. This way everything runs smoothly and you can be unpacking in your new property in good time.

3. How Long Will my Removals Take?

Each move is different however the general rule is that with house sales the premises need to be vacated as soon as your sale has completed. The guide time is 12-1pm. Based on this information, we always start your move to be fully loaded by 12 midday unless special arrangements have been made.

Start times can be anywhere from 6am-9am depending on property size. Generally speaking unloading takes less time and we always endeavour to be completed in a good time frame between 3 and 6pm to leave you to unpack.

How long will removals take

4. How do I prepare for my Packing Service?

Our Bespoke Packing service means we take care of everything. A clear inventory will be taken before you move, any items we don’t pack or you don’t want us to pack will be confirmed with you prior to your move. Apart from this simply relax and let us take the strain.

5. Do you disassemble and reassemble furniture?

Yes, we can disassemble and reassemble most items of furniture. Some furniture like Ikea products do not always go back together as well, particularly if they are older, so to this end we always recommend you either check with the person that assembled it or confirm with us you are ok for us to try but accept the risk that some self-assembly furniture does not cope well with too many dismantles.

6. How do I pay for my Removals?

You can pay for your removals either “cash on completion” or “bank transfer.”

7. Do I need to pay a deposit?

At Lix Removals we will only need a deposit if you are booking 1 month in advance, your removal is international or long distance. Our deposit is 10% of your quoted price.

House removals FAQ

8. What happens if something gets broken?

We take a pragmatic approach at Lix Removals. Our insurance covers major events, accidents, fire and theft. For small items if it is our error we would replace the goods. Items packed on our “Owner Packed” service are not covered by our insurance if they are not packed properly, however anything packed on our packing service is fully covered by our insurance and is our responsibility.

It is essential to pack your goods properly and protect them with the correct packing materials. We can supply you with pretty much every kind of packing material you would like. We also hold Public Liability insurance cover and are covered up to £80,000.00 on our Goods in Transit insurance. More cover is available on request.

9. Who is in Charge on the day of my move?

Our Head of Team and Company Director will help and assist you on the day of your move. We are of course always available on the phone if you need to ask questions.

10. When we get to my new house, will you place things where I need them?

Absolutely, please either label your boxes or simply direct the team where you would like things placed.

Give us a call on 01273 499051 or email us at to book an appointment for your free removals quotation. One of our team will pop round at a convenient time and assess your moving requirements.

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