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How Removal Companies Charge for Waiting Times – Everything You Need to Know

How do removal companies charge for waiting times?
The cost of moving house, be it into a rented home or one you have bought, can be extensive, and the last thing you want are any additional moving expenses or charges from your removals company on top of what you have already paid out.

That’s why it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with all moving company costs and make sure you fully understand the charges, and any hidden fees before you book with them.

At Lix Removals, we aim to be fully transparent with our customers about how much our removal company charges, and what it will cost to safely, securely transport your belongings from your old home to your new one.

We want everyone we work with to be completely satisfied with the services we provide, so here you can find some helpful information on waiting charges, what they are, why we charge them, and perhaps most importantly, how to avoid them!

Many movers may not have heard of waiting time charges; that’s because they discussed infrequently.

Essentially a waiting time fee is fairly self-explanatory. It is the charge passed to the customer should the removals company have to wait for an unreasonable amount of time to get into the property to complete their job.

Of course, no one wants to think that, come moving day, there will be any additional hassle and stress by not being able to access the new home. However, this, unfortunately, does occur, and while it is tremendously frustrating for movers, it is their responsibility to ensure that they will have access to the property on the day and time that they book the move.

Some unscrupulous removal companies will attempt to use waiting time fees to make a lot of extra money as part of the move. They, therefore, keep their charges hidden and try not to mention them to the customer in the hope that something will go wrong and they will simply be able to bill the customer for their time.

Waiting time charges in themselves are not unreasonable.

Busy, professional removal companies such as Lix Removals often have jobs booked throughout the day. Waiting to access a property for one household can have a knock on effect and mean they are late or have to cancel another job – losing money and potentially damaging their reputation by doing so.

In any other profession an employee required to work overtime, or caused lose money through no fault of their own would expect compensation.

Individual removals companies are free to set their waiting time rates as they choose. Customers who did not realise waiting time charges existed can then be in for a nasty surprise when they look at the small print in their contract, or are simply told they are going to be charged without any prior mention, and realise their moving expenses have risen dramatically as they are being charged huge amounts in waiting time fees.

For your clarity and peace of mind, please find Lix Removals waiting time charges below:

1st Hour: Free
Subsequent hours: £25.00 per hour.

We also don’t ask our customers to sign contracts as removal dates can change. We simply ask for prompt payment once the move is complete.

To avoid waiting time charges it helps to be organised, and allow extra time for any delays or things going wrong.

No house move goes completely smoothly, so it is best to allow some flex in your schedule for unforeseen mishaps. At Lix Removals, we will do everything we can to make your move as stress-free as possible and our friendly professional team are on hand to discuss your particular needs and requirements.

If you can, make sure the old tenants or owners have vacated the property and that you have the keys to your new property well in advance of moving day.

Make sure that someone is at the property to give the Lix Removals team access when they arrive, and make sure you know how long it takes from wherever you are travelling to get to your new property on the day to ensure you can be there on time.

Another useful idea is to see if you can add a clause in your property exchange which states waiting time fees incurred due to delays by the other party will be covered by them. This can potentially be included in any contracts – i.e. estate agents, solicitors, and even banks if you have concerns that they could cause delays too.

Waiting time fees are very avoidable, but being aware of them is useful. Make sure you are utterly clear on waiting time fees before you decide on your removals company so that you can rest assured you are aware of the cost of your move and avoid any additional moving expenses too.

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