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How to Organise your Children When Moving Home


Moving house when you have a young family doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. While we understand that moving day can be tough, especially if you have children to organise.

However with careful planning and organisation on the day you can make your move relatively stress-free, and having a reliable, friendly and knowledgeable removal company to help can make all the difference.

Try to think of your move as an exciting time, and in the months and weeks leading up to moving day, get your children excited about it, if you keep telling them that it is a positive thing, and make it feel like it is an exciting new adventure they will believe it is, and that way you can avoid any tears and tantrums when it is time to go.

So how do you keep your children in check during your home move? Read on to discover some handy tips which will make it so much easier to get everything packed away, loaded up and unloaded into your new home hassle free.

1. Involve your Children in the Moving Process

Giving your children jobs to keep them occupied during moving day is the best way to ensure that they keep busy and don’t get under your feet when you are trying to get everything sorted.

Children like to be involved, to feel valued and to be given responsibility, so give them chores to do. If they are old enough to have their own room make them responsible for packing it up, let them decide how they would like to organise it, and how they would like to arrange their new room on the other side.


Younger kids could still be given little tasks to do such as emptying a draw, arranging their toys or dusting surfaces. Get some fun stickers and coloured tape, or crayons and pens so they can decorate their moving boxes and personalise them. If they have a favourite toy, don’t pack this away. Let them hold onto it throughout the move as a comforter, and make sure they know that they will see all their other toys and belongings very soon, as some children worry that they won’t.

2. Prepare to be Behind Schedule

No matter how wonderfully organised you are, there are going to be things you have forgotten or jobs that take more time than you thought they would come moving day that could put you behind schedule.

You might therefore want to think about how to keep your kids entertained should anything get delayed. Even if it means packing away the TV and DVD player last, if you need some time while your children sit still in one place for an hour or two this might not be a bad idea.

If you have a friendly neighbour or relative who would be happy to watch them for a few hours this also could be really helpful, so see if you can arrange for someone to do that just in case you need to.

3. Create a “Moving Day Survival Kit”

Prepare for anything by creating your very own moving day survival kit. Have your children’s favourite toys, some books, games and snacks in there so they are on hand whenever you need them. Be inventive and come up with a game that is all about the new house and new area to get them asking questions and keep them excited about it.

Prepare a checklist for moving home that you have prepared in advance to make everything easier for all of you.

You could even create a scrap book of photos and memories from the old house that children can have as a keepsake so they will feel comforted if they start getting sad about leaving the house.

4. Organising the Kids During your Moving Day

If you are packing up the van yourself make sure you pack the children’s belongings last, that way they are first to come out when you arrive at your new house.

If you are using a removals company, make sure they know to do this. This means that as soon as the van arrives at the new place this can be unloaded and taken to your child’s new bedroom, and then they can have fun unpacking everything and getting it all set up.

5. Make the First Night Special for them

You want your children to love their new home, so try to make the first night special. Why not order a pizza and some ice cream and all settle down to watch a movie together? The more relaxed and settled you are in your new home, the more your child will be relaxed and settled too!

If you follow these tips, you move should go much more smoothly. If you are looking for a quality, family removal company then why not get in touch with our friendly and experienced team today?

Give us a call on 01273 499051 or email us at to book an appointment for your FREE HOME MOVE SURVEY. One of our friendly team will pop round at a convenient time and assess your moving requirements. Based on this information, we will then provide you with your FREE removals quotation.

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