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Are you content in the city with your favourite eating places and watering holes within walking distance? The benefits of living in the midst of the hustle and bustle is just this, everything is on your doorstep.
Maybe you crave the country air, peace and tranquillity in every breath, not to mention space for the kids to run around and less traffic, all in all a slightly slower pace.
Wherever you lay your hat really is your home and one thing for sure when you are planning a move is location, location, location is vitally important to your happiness, health and wellbeing.
We have put together a small tip list of things you might want to consider when thinking of making a move, by no means is it a complete list and it’s a list you can make personal to you. It gives you an idea of some things to think about. Check out our shots from the 16th floor in Central Brighton on our facebook page, great view but you wouldn’t want to forget your shopping!!
1. Type of Property: What do you need? Flat, house, renovation project, shared accommodation, the list is endless. Have a think about what is important to you. Flats are plentiful in Brighton and let’s face it real estate here is not cheap so renting or buying a flat is a great way to start. Some things to consider are your accessibility. Do you mind stairs to climb every day? Does the lift in the building work? There maybe limited or no parking, is this a problem for you? Check out who lives in your block, no one wants bad neighbours, knock on doors and see who you would potentially live above, underneath or next to.
There are endless different types of flats to choose, basement flats often benefit from outside space but can be darker. Could you be clever with lighting solutions? Top floors often have awesome views but the access will keep you fit! Maybe not fun if you have a pram to lug.
Always worth checking in a managed building to see how the residents association works and what they expect. This applies to renters as well as purchasers. The worse things would be to move into a building where residents expect peace and quiet at all times and you have a 2 year old laughing and playing all day. Often rental agents don’t disclose these kind of details unless you ask.
The best advice is to really think about your intended move and ask yourself, does this suit me and my lifestyle?

2. Location: The country is beautiful and added bonuses are often more of a community with your neighbours, less traffic and more fresh air, a garden and ultimately more for your money in the Brighton area at least. Down sides can be travelling to and from your dream pad. The nearest shop could be a few miles which means more planning and stocking up so you don’t run out of teabags! Public Transport is worth a good check especially is you need to commute for work or school. Village life is great for children and gives a real sense of community along with freedom to run around. How are the schools in your area? Ask questions and check out the rules and regulations for school catchment areas before taking the plunge.

3. The nuts and bolts of your new home need to serve your purpose. Do you need storage cupboards? Some new builds have less in terms of storage space, great if you don’t have much kit but a total nightmare if you need to pack stuff away. Could you downsize your stuff or is it all for keeps!

4. Another consideration is your council tax band and how this affects you, check out the Brighton and Hove Council Website section on Council Tax Bands before taking the plunge.

Home is where the heart is! Enjoy the heart!

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