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Move Out Cleaning Tips

Move out clean

Make sure your take your time to do a thorough move out clean.

 Before you move house, it can be overwhelming trying to get everything in order before you depart. You’ll no doubt want to leave your house in tip top condition before you move, and make everything look nice for the new owners.

Sometimes, however, the stress of packing up your belongings and getting your family ready and excited for moving day can mean that giving your house a proper move out clean comes low down on your list of priorities. This is particularly true when it comes to getting to those hard to reach nooks and crannies that have been neglected for years!

Because of this we thought it would be helpful to share some handy tips on how to easily clean your old house, and even prepare your new home, giving it a good clean and refresh before you move in, so it is completely ready for the unpacking to begin!

Pack first, clean later

Cleaning will be so much easier once you have gathered all your belongings up. So make sure you pack everything away before you start cleaning.

Leaving the cleaning to the last minute may seem counter-intuitive, but it will be much harder to get into those tough to reach places if your belongings are still in there.

We know that packing and cleaning your entire home can be a stressful time, so why not let Lix Removals take it from there? Our friendly team is on hand to help you move home be it within the UK or overseas!

Clear rooms where you can

We realise that until you move out, you can’t expect your house to be free of your things. 

However, you won’t need to use certain rooms as much as others so try and move your packing boxes out of these and give them a good clean in advance of your move. That way you’ll have less to worry about come moving day.

Do one room at a time

Cleaning little bits here and there will leave you feeling like you haven’t achieved anything, so why not focus on one room at a time and take it from there?

Once you have completed, a room just close the door and know that it’s done, then start on the next one.

Get the whole family to help

Cleaning doesn’t have to fall to just one member of the family, and can feel like a fun job if everyone is involved. 

Give the children the responsibility of cleaning their rooms, and share out harder household chores such as hoovering, cleaning the kitchen appliances and polishing. 

 Throw open the windows, put some music on and bribe with biscuits and we are sure the whole family will get on board!

 Be methodical with your move out cleaning

Don’t forget to check in every cupboard, kitchen unit and shelf to make sure everything is clean and, perhaps, more importantly, so you don’t leave anything behind.

Do this room by room to keep track of where you have looked, and then you can have peace of mind that you have packed everything away and that favourite toy or old photo album is safely on its way to your new home. 

Don’t forget the garden!

It’s easy when moving house to neglect your garden. If you have a garden shed or summer house make sure you give that a good clean, and that everything has been removed from it before you leave. 

Mowing the lawn, pulling out weeds and brushing down the patio is a quick job will leave your house looking lovely, which we are sure the new owners will really appreciate.

The move in clean

You can also spend some time sprucing up you own new property ahead of moving day. 

Hopefully, the previous owners will have taken the same time and care as you to ensure they leave the house in great condition. However this is sadly not always the case, and, if your are able, you may want to get into your new home and give it a good clean before you move in, so unpacking your belongings is a breeze. 

Start at the top

Giving light fittings a dust, and brushing any cobwebs from ceilings is the best way to start. If you work your way from the top down, you’ll avoid getting dirt on your newly cleaned floors.

Be thorough

While the house is empty, it’s a great time to clean all the areas that you are unlikely to clean regularly. 

Get behind appliances, wipe down walls and skirting boards, dust off vents and fans, clean the radiators and the inside of cupboards. This way you know your house will be in fantastic condition and ready for you to organise!

Get painting

Doing a thorough move in clean before you arrive is a great idea, but if you have any rooms that could do with a refresh, then try to have them painted and ready before you move in too. 

There is nothing better than arriving at your new home with these jobs done so that you and your family can settle in and enjoy it as soon as possible.

Change the locks on windows and doors as soon as you move in

OK so we know this isn’t a cleaning tip per se, but it’s still a good idea to get this done as soon as possible. 

During the sale of your new home, it is likely that many people will have had access, not just the previous owners but estate agents, and maintenance companies too.

Give yourself assurance that your home is totally safe and secure by getting new locks installed immediately.

With these handy tips you can say farewell to your old house safe in the knowledge that you have left it in the best condition for its new owners. 

You can also look forward to moving into your new one knowing, as soon as you step through the door, you can make it feel like home.

If you are moving home and need some tips to keep organised, take a look at our handy moving house checklist.

At Lix Removals, we know how important moving day is, and we pride ourselves on making it a stress-free experience.

If you are looking for a friendly and professional removals company to help safely and carefully move your belongings from your old property into your new home, then why not give our team a call on 01273499051, or drop us an email here?

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