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Help… My Furniture Doesn’t Fit!!

Moving tips: what to do if your furniture won’t fit in your new home

Moving tips: what to do if your furniture won’t fit in your new home

Can you imagine, you arrive at your new home excitedly holding keys in hand. Our truck is waiting for you with all your possessions safely stored on board and ready for us to unload.

Then the horrible  realisation dawns…. You didn’t measure your door frames against your furniture and now that beautiful couch you couldn’t wait to sit on doesn’t fit!

So what now?

Moving house is no walk in the park, and it is so easy with the stress and extra demands on your time, to forget simple but important things such as measuring up to make sure you can actually get those larger household items in.

We, unfortunately, have seen this happen more often than you might think!

To make sure you don’t make the same mistake, follow these helpful moving tips for a smooth move that will have you with your feet up on your couch in your new pad in no time.

Firstly make a list of all the large items in your home that might cause you trouble when trying to get them over the threshold!

Items that are often problematic include sofas, wardrobes, beds, and white goods such as fridge/freezers, washing machines, and tumble dryers.

Don’t forget any other, more unusual items that might trip you up too though. Large items that are awkwardly shaped can be very difficult to get around corners and upstairs so check the measurements of these before you move too.


Take some time to find out the measurements in your new home. Most landlords/estate agents/sellers will be obliging with this.

Measure your door frames allowing extra space for your hands to hold the furniture, there should be a gap so things fit comfortably. Getting your fingers trapped is never a good start to your move, trust us!

Be thorough and detailed – measure everything twice!

With the best will in the world, guesswork can only be to your detriment, it’s best not to simply use your judgement and assume it will fit. It can only lead to disappointment and upset if it doesn’t.

Measure all the larger items you are moving in. Make sure you measure the height, width and depth to get a complete and accurate picture of the size of each item.

Take into account awkward corners and internal doors. Rigid items like wardrobes can’t bend around corners, there has to be enough space above and to the side for them to be moved easily.

Look for alternatives and get creative. Not all items have to come in through the door remember!

If you have a back garden with larger sliding patio doors, or even windows that are wider than the width of your door this might be an alternative and mean that items you thought could not get in, just might!

Ask us for help and advice. We are happy to give you all the help we can, and make your moving day as stress- free as possible – that’s what we are there for after all!


1.  Assume it will fit based on looking.

2. Think your removal company will work the problem out for you. We do try our very best to come up with a workable solution, but even with years of experience, we haven’t mastered the art of making something fit in a space that’s simply too small!

3. Forget the angles and the corridors

Just measuring your doorframe isn’t enough. It might be easy enough to get that wardrobe inside, but if you have got to then get it down a tight hallway, up two flights of stairs and into an attic room, make sure you have measured each area that might be a challenge to ensure you can get all your furniture where you want it to be.

There is nothing worse then getting something halfway in before realising that it is not going any further, so save yourself the stress and upset and measure everything thoroughly!

What happens if it really doesn’t fit?

Even the most organised of home movers can get caught out when it comes to getting their furniture inside their new home.

If you do find yourself in a situation where you simply can’t get your furniture in – don’t despair! We can often arrange to store your item while you work out a solution.

We know it is not easy having to say goodbye to beloved items of furniture or realising that your dream home just isn’t going to welcome in that huge three-piece sofa you’ve always wanted.

If you end up having to sell some of your old items or let go of your fantasy of having that fantastic triple height fridge you’ve had your eye on for months then try not to let that put a dampener on your spirits!

There are so many different options for furniture that we are sure you will find something that does fit in your house that you and your family will all love, and when you have created your perfect home, that’s all that you’ll really care about anyway!

With these tips, moving into your new home can be made as stress-free as possible.

If you are looking for an experienced removal company, who can help you get even the largest household or commercial items from A to B then Lix Removals can help, so why not give our friendly team a call today on 01273499051?

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